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 7 "CATS"

Our community is expanding past the walls of our home and into the neighborhood. More homes are connecting and joining with us, to develop an ecovillage in Cambrian Heights. Through our experimentation in community-living, we aim to support others who see the value in this way of life to learn from us and join with us in creating a happier and healthier world.


We dedicate ourselves to developing lifestyles, processes, and living spaces through collaborative endeavours, freeing time and resources make practical for ourselves the embodied realization that thoughts create reality. We realize that to do so requires making somewhat radical choices in how we live. We choose Sociocracy as a method of governance for its core value of fairness, transparency and effectiveness. 


We believe in joining millions of others around the world in contributing to the emergence of a new story of the world and of the people.

This story is not top down. It is about integrating the self, the world and nature. It is a story based on the understanding that we are partly one and the same and connected to each other. We believe in the emergence of many semi-autonomous communities with many frameworks, starting small and then growing into groups of groups of groups. It embraces the idea that we already live in an abundant universe and we can craft our collective story to reflect that.


We envision a human presence on this world that is spiritually fulfilling, socially just and environmentally sustainable.


how it all started...

We started as a community house in Calgary with a vision of a more connected and loving world. Inspired by the concepts of Charles Eisenstein, Louis (one of our co-founders) travelled to intentional communities all across Canada and the US. 

He learned many solid practices to keep the peace in community like Non-Violent Communication and Sociocracy, a dynamic self governance model. He brought these skills home to Alberta and with the money that he made in the oil sands, he invested in a home in the neighbourhood of Cambrian Heights, Calgary NW. 

Over the years, the home went through many names, and finally two years ago, Herding Cats was born. Ezgi, one of the members marveled at how challenging it was to get their two cats Merlin and Blake to walk with them. They realized that this was how organizing people in community could feel.. with so many individualistic people with different ideas.

Since then, we have grown our team and developed our mission for our organization. Our collective now makes up 5 homes in the area of Cambrian Heights. We offer use of our flex space to our larger community, and are currently working on some upcoming events and workshops so stay tuned by following us on Instagram or subscribing to our newsletter.

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Here is a little info about each of us.

Louis Marceau

Community Coordinator

Louis brings his life, love and energy to the project of developing the home everyday, and leads our team in a variety of skill building workshops such as NVC an Sociocracy. He is the main person to get in touch with if you are interested to come stay with us.


(780) 799-2041 (text please)

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Nate Sargeant

Lorax : Voice of the House

Nate is a digital artist, animator and graphic designer. He works with conscious creators making clips for documentaries, relaxing meditation sounds and art for sale of course! Nate is very inspired by the idea of living a more connected life. He has taken over the Lorax role, leading us in weekly Work Parties to keep our home tidy.




Property Development Lead

David as been involved with our community for many years, brainstorming the idea years ago with Louis as the two met through power engineering. He has now chosen Herding Cats as his long-term home, and is in the process of becoming one of our Asset Co-owners. He is also our handiman specialist that leads us in all sorts of building adventures.


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Fabien Macdonnell

Sourdough Whisperer

Fabien is a former massage therapist and cook looking to begin his next journey in carpentry. He enjoys drawing, baking sourdough bread for the house, spending time in meditation, and meaningful connections with others. Currently, he has been a huge help to David, working on projects in the garden and the home.

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Ana Vahcic

Wilderness Adventurer

Ana is one of our newest residents here and she is a professional web developer. Ana enjoys exploring nature in her downtime, including scuba diving, hiking and travelling to new countries. She is a passionate and health-focused vegan and she loves exploring the healing medicine of plants. 



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Skinny Mcleod

Lieutenant Garden Assistant

Skinny is a locally and internationally recognized circus artist, street performer and clown. As much as he has to travel for his work, it brings him much joy to have a welcoming and generous community to come home to.  Feel free to bother him if you want to learn to juggle, unicycle or learn any other circus activity!


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Abby Goertzen

Marketing Lead & Interior Designer

Abby has been our Marketing Lead for over 2 years, and now lives with us. She is a very passionate communitarian and has her own business doing social media and website design. She has now taken on interior designing the home, looking to amplify the cozy-chic community vibes!


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Life in our community..

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 Let's Connect 

We currently have one room available so if you are interested in living here, please get in touch with us. We are seeking to connect with those who resonate with this way of living, to join us and become part of our community. 

Let's bring cooperative living and regeneration to the world! 

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